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Coming into a sport that is primarily male-dominated, is definitely a big shock for some women. We understand this and strive to provide a safe area to learn the art of jiu-jitsu as well as feeling safe and comfortable while doing so. We offer a chance to train with just females as well as female-only classes and seminars. Learn to feel confident in yourself and your ability to protect yourself. We offer both traditional GI classes as well as NoGi classes. These are the two different styles of jiu-jitsu grappling. Gi grappling is the style of jiu-jitsu that you wear a kimono uniform that allows you to use the clothing or garments against your opponent in order to control them or submit them. NoGi is where you use non-traditional clothing, that consists of a rashguard and spats or shorts. You cannot use the clothing garments against them but have to use hand-to-hand techniques.

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Frequently Asked

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a form of MMA (mixed martial arts). It is similar to wrestling, in that it is body on body contact entailing of controlling your opponent by bringing them to the ground. It is called grappling instead of wrestling. This sport focuses on skills for taking down your opponent, gaining a dominant position, and using different techniques for submitting them. Submissions come in different forms: chokes, or joint locks.

We offer the opportunity for you to train with just women if you are a woman, due to the feeling of unease that you receive at times. We know that men tend to be larger in size with both body mass and muscles, which leads to a fear of getting hurt by them. We want it to be a comfortable and safe space to learn a sport that is about protecting yourself. We want you to want to come and not feel like this is another space that is all about the men (this is a male dominated sport) but about you as a person and growing yourself in a great community of people.

Once we build up enough women participants, we will offer women’s only classes. We will offer women’s only seminars throughout the year for those that would love to join us for that just stay updated by following us on social media.

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