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Jiu-Jitsu Provides a Full body workout, inside and out!

Adult classes start at 16 years and up. No matter how old you feel you are, you are not too old to try an adult class. We offer fundamentals classes that benefit those that are just starting as well as those that just need to step back and focus on the techniques. We also offer regular-paced classes for every skill level. We offer both traditional GI classes as well as NoGi classes. These are the two different styles of jiu-jitsu grappling. Gi grappling is the style of jiu-jitsu that you wear a kimono uniform that allows you to use the clothing or garments against your opponent in order to control them or submit them. NoGi is where you use non-traditional clothing, that consists of a rashguard and spats or shorts. You cannot use the clothing garments against them but have to use hand-to-hand techniques.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu service in Menifee CA

Frequently Asked

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a form of MMA (mixed martial arts). It is similar to wrestling, in that it is body-on-body contact entailing of controlling your opponent by bringing them to the ground. It is called grappling instead of wrestling. This sport focuses on skills for taking down your opponent, gaining a dominant position, and using different techniques for submitting them. Submissions come in different forms: chokes or joint locks.
The age range for the adult group would start out at 16 years of age and go up.
The Gi is the uniform worn by those that do brazilian jiu jitsu and is similar to a karate uniform.

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